Have your values been overlooked?

values overlooked – what do you believe about you, in order for it to go this way?

(all the shit you believed until now to be true about yourself)

That’s ENOUGH of that! How to release painful life experiences by meditating?

Let’s talk about the dirt and debris.

First, let’s identify what in the heck I’m talking about when I say “dirt and debris.” When I refer to dirt and debris in the Define Your Shine Meditation Membership, I mean all the negative thoughts, feelings, or difficult situations and circumstances you might be experiencing.

I am here-I am intentional-I am remarkable.

Why do we begin each successive step in this knowing? 

This previous affirmation means I am deliberate; I will do the inner work I’ve committed to on purpose.

The answer is still the same…I know how REMARKABLE you are! 

Why teach others the power of meditation and the teaching of Divine Self-Realization? 

Because I have experienced the power of self-realization directly, I believe in serving our world in the way of compassion and ultimately providing scientific resources and tools to offer healing and life-long abundance and joy!  I simply cannot keep this to myself when there is so much pain in others’ lives, And I can help ease that. 

The meditation practice, combined with inner asking, will release traumatic worldly pain and suffering. You will know mind-body-soul you can live a life of abundant wisdom and joy.  

Where and what will I gain access?  Is this an underground garage?  Well, I’ve believed at times that it can be as scary as one would imagine an underground garage to be, only because I feared the answers I already knew are my truth.  And now you know, you will decide what you gain access to; What are you willing to ask yourself?

Knowledge is inner knowing. You will see the value of your soul, and your future will erupt with expansion and growth.  You will Define Your Shine!  

What am I going to transform? Transformation of the heart; to feel love within your mind-body-soul. 

I am in awe of the beauty we live in, and I used to see chaos everywhere.  You will transform into a Diamond, a BRILLIANT YOU!

Ensure you are taking full advantage of the FB Private Group and all the goodies for you inside your membership benefits.  Keep leaning heart forward, hands behind your back, Diamond.

NO PRESSURE, NO DIAMONDS! The effort is the progress.

Love and Light,

Shawntell Lynn 

The teaching is self-realization, and the effort is meditation. The scientific method of intentional thinking directly created the Define Your Shine process out of Shawntell’s experiences. This practice allows you to access the love and wisdom that always exists within you and between us.

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