Learn how to analyze values overlooked until now and how to release painful life experiences. 

Dig into the earth’s crust and begin to move the dirt and debris from the way.  

Create something from nothing. Within you, the spirit will make the unremarkable remarkable.

Begin your next step in this knowing – I am here. I am intentional. I am remarkable.

The secret is out…I know how REMARKABLE you are! 

I have a gift in service of my life’s passion and purpose!  I created a free mini-course to teach others the power of meditation and the teaching of Divine Self-Realization.  The meditation practice, combined with inner asking, will release traumatic worldly pain and suffering. You will know mind-body-soul you can live a life of abundant wisdom and joy.  You will know your worth and gain access to having anything you can imagine.  You will see the value of your soul, and your future will erupt with expansion and growth.  You will Define Your Shine!  

I offer a heart full of gratitude and a knowing how much the Universe supported this transformation within my mind-body-soul. I am in awe of the beauty we live in, and I used to see chaos everywhere.  

Let’s start with some entertainment.  In the unknown travel to become a Diamond (earlier this week, haha.)  I launched this program to my family and close friends.  Well…I thought I had everything set, Shawntell perfect, and the time was right! I hit the launch button.  AND…within minutes, I realized I made a grand gesture right out the gate and sent EVERYONE the wrong welcome email when I hit send, haha!  That’s why ‘I’ soft-launched to everyone who loves me first, I see.  I’m sure that won’t be the only hiccup while I figure out what I’m doing here in the world of running a completely online school. So, this world launch is incredible in many unforeseen ways.  SAY WHAT…online school?

I am devoted to providing a firm stand when you feel you cannot.  I offer a space with grace for gentle healing on your terms.  You will learn how to keep leaning your heart forward, hands behind your back into love, integrity, honor, commitment, and courage, to name a few. I see the value of every soul.  I feel the uniqueness in my heart.  I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to serve anyone feeling a way other than free and happy.  I will loan every ounce of the love you do not think you have for yourself yet, and I will continue to pour into the resources that will be here for you always. I hope that if you are ever in crisis or only want an ear to vent, you know I see you, and I am here.  

I Introduce >>> Define Your Shine™ with Shawntell Lynn – let’s GO, Let’s SHINE!

I have created this course, so you know how to experience freedom from the pain and suffering of our thoughts. I started this course to teach others how to live the life they dream of having. I made Define Your Shine from my lived experiences and your borrowed strength.  

Not only will you have an awareness of your negative thoughts—the ones that cause all the substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and pain in our world—you think about them. The ideas lose their power through the inner asking, and you gain a mighty heart explosion, 500 x’s more divine. Excellent spiritual teaching and writing describe what it means to be free of pain and suffering and have abundance in every area of your life. Self-Realization is the way and the how is the Define Your Shine Self-Realization practices. It shows you exactly how to identify and question any thought that would keep you from that freedom.

I have worked on generating and producing a divine program to give to the world for several months. I would never imagine my life skills, talents, and capabilities (mostly self-taught online) would be the gift I am.  When you surrender to your soul, your future will erupt in ways you have only read, watched, or dreamt of happening.

The Practice of meditation is easy, and the effort towards self-realization is powerful.

As you apply effort in any of the Define Your Shine processes, you will progress in Divine Self-Love.  

Hear my voice, my heart, my soul sing with praises! Define Your Shine™ is not just possible; I am living proof, from the hardened earth’s crust; I am here, I do Exist, and we will light up with Self-Realization Through Divine Self-Love. We are all Diamonds waiting to shine.  

Please enjoy your Free Define Your Shine three days Pick Me Up Mini-Course today.  The Monthly Meditation Membership will begin enrolling in March 2021, you will have access to 20 weeks of exclusive membership benefits and 140 days of support when you choose to dive deeper into achieving self-realization and fulfilling on your life’s dreams. Join the waitlist now and be the first to know when you can join the monthly meditation membership. 

I can’t wait for you to see all the goodies.

NO PRESSURE, NO DIAMONDS! The effort is the progress.

Love and Light,

Shawntell Lynn 

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